About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa Imari and I'm the creator and editor here at An Invincible Design. What started as me wanting to share costume trivia from my favorite movies on Instagram has grown into a larger community of costume and fashion lovers! My ultimate DREAM is to travel with my blog to support and report on Costume and Fashion Museums around the world! I feel that there is so much to be said about what we wear, what we've worn throughout history, and that there's so much to fashion beyond materialism. My journey is to learn what all that is and share it with others! Luckily, I have this space to begin doing just that.

Being a costume and fashion enthusiast, I strive on creativity. Once, I was even told that I was "an expert of magical wonder!" Now there's something I wish I could put on my resume! I take great pride in the knowledge I have of my industry, constantly researching and asking questions with the approach of an endless student- I never want to stop learning. 

Now you may be wondering, what exactly is an invincible design?

It's a blog. (Obviously, Melissa...)

It's a set of lyrics from one of my favorite bands.

It's a platform to discuss the art of storytelling through clothing, whether they be in films, on the runway, or in history books. It is an outlet that I hope will educate others on the wonderful world of costumes that I've chosen to spend my life in. It is also the idea that we each have something within us to grow, inspire, leave an impression, and make an impact. We each have what it takes to be invincible.