• Melissa Imari Alvarez

You Got an Invincible Design

My brother texted me one day, asking if I had listened to the new Rx Bandits album yet. I had not, but he went on to tell me about a song he thought I would especially like. The lyrics, "you got an invincible design", reminded him of me because of my "costume and fashiony stuff". This was in 2009, I was finishing up my first year of community college back home in Virginia. In about a year's time, I would be packing up my life, pursuing my passion, and moving across the country to study fashion design in California.

Since then, those lyrics haven been my sort of mantra. They've been my go to for usernames on various social media outlets. And the song, "It's Only Another Parsec", has become my anthem and muse.

These words I write to you my dear Are sparks to turn the dark to light... May this melody invigorate And empower your persistence... The world is yours to devour

I try to approach my designs and creative endeavors with this kind of attitude. Unafraid, ready to take on a new challenge. I strongly believe that clothing, be it the costume of a character in a film or an outfit picked from your closet at the beginning of the day, tells a story and is capable of leaving a lasting, invincible impression. It is my goal to help bring those stories to life.

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